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Workplace Wellbeing

The focus on employee wellbeing is growing globally.

Evidence shows that by including and promoting a wellness culture, what results is enhanced employee recruitment and retention, lower absenteeism, greater productivity, decreased presenteeism and lower healthcare costs. 

Why is employee wellbeing needed?

Millions of working days every year are lost through sickness, physical ailments and mental health issues.

The cost to employers is billions.  

When it comes to their health and wellbeing, employees now expect more.

Today’s employers must now, therefore, do more to manage these expectations. But how?

Thriveologie can help

Thriveologie provides SMEs and corporate organisations with a turnkey digital health and wellness solution that places the wellbeing of their employees at the core of their company ethos and vision 

We deliver wellbeing content, education and services, with a focus upon developing and maintaining optimal health.   

Our platform, which can be integrated either into your digital layer or accessed directly, delivers on every individual preference and covers the breadth of our wellness pillars: 


Movement and Exercise

Mental Health

Rest & Recovery 

Personal and Social Wellbeing  


What do you get?

As well as reports for you on how your team are using the platform,

every user can: 


physical and mental health with doctor created assessments 


wellness courses and workshops, delivered by our experts


a catalogue of on-demand workouts, yoga and Pilates sessions


points towards four levels of rewards on thousands of brands for their efforts


part of the Thriveologie community


from a vast portfolio of nutritionist created recipes, split into easy to access categories 


in regular challenges on all facets of life, alone or with colleagues


expert delivered webinars on a wide range of topical subjects


to our library of mindfulness, meditations and breathwork sessions

Other services...

In addition to thriveologie’s digital offering, we are also able to offer in-person workshops, seminars, masterclasses, and wellness events, delivered by our resident and guest experts. 

Or, if your company still lacks any wellbeing strategy or you need to enhance what you do have with additional direction or education, we can help with that too.