What We Do

In summary, we help you to feel better! 

thriveologie has been created to empower you to create the best version of yourself. The topic of what is ‘right’ for optimum wellness can be confusing and finding the right solution is often overwhelming. 

At thriveologie, we believe that one size doesn’t fit all and finding the best path for you will come with education, information and a variety of resources to find your version of optimum wellness.  

Here, there is a wealth of information readily available under one roof, the thriveologie roof.

Our Pillars


Quite simply, the food we eat!

Rest & Recovery

In a world of very little downtime, taking time to allow our bodies and our minds to switch off, rest and recover is essential.

Movement & Exercise

Our activities, whether they be fitness oriented, holistic or other genres of movement.

Self-Improvement & Wellbeing

How we live our lives; including our relationships, families, social circles and our work/life balance.

Mental Health

Often neglected, this pillar is of particular importance. Our mental health dictates so much of how we think, feel and interact, so it should never be overlooked.
  • Group Exercise Classes in partnership with Les Mills and Heartcore Pilates
  • Yoga Classes
  • Training Tips and Mobility Exercises
  • Sport Specific Programmes inc: Boxing and Cycling
  • Personal trainers
  • Fitness equipment bundles
  • Exclusive rate access to spa experiences and wellness retail brands
  • Exclusive access to ‘healthy’ holidays and retreats
  • Mental health specialists
  • Hypnotherapists and mindfulness therapists
  • Sleep specialists
  • Occupational health practitioners
  • Nutritionists & dieticians
  • Physical transformation coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Functional Medicine Practitioners
  • Health and Wellness articles
  • Health assessments
  • Workshops & courses
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts