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Wellbeing for REAL ESTATE

In the post COVID era, as many people now adopt a hybrid way of working between home and office, home seekers and employers now expect residential or commercial property to be designed to service their physical, mental and emotional wellness needs.

Open plan office space with desk and chairs in glassed office

Companies are looking to attract and retain the best staff and are creating work environments with services, amenities and support at their heart, to distinguish themselves from their competition.

Developers and landlords are being relied upon to support the prerequisite of delivering wellness from within the built environment.

Wellness real estate has changed from ‘nice to have’ to essential

Wellness certifications, such as WELL, Fitwell and Breeam are now synonymous with new building design and wellness is fast becoming a core part of a property proposition, from the ground up. 

Investors often want these in place when buying properties or immediately post sale.

Thriveologie is the answer

Open plan living room with sofa, yoga mat and weights on the floor

Thriveologie offers the ability to deliver a cost-effective wellbeing service, on behalf of the landlord or developer, to attract homeowners and occupiers through the provision of a standout wellbeing benefit.

Our digital platform, which integrates seamlessly into your digital layer, provides access to virtual health and wellbeing.

A turnkey solution that provides access to education and content, combined with practical tools and support, brings together all the elements needed for your customers to create a life of balance and wellbeing. 

Working with over 40 experts in their field, we also have the ability to create a programme of wellbeing events or services for your occupiers and residents through our  We Speak Wellness offering.

Wellness has become a principle part of property development and management and will continue to be so into the future.

Wellness is what Thriveologie does.

We will deliver best in class wellness for your customers, so you don’t have to.

Contact for more information and to arrange a further conversation on how we can support your organisation.