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Drive engagement and community through wellness by offering a programme of health and wellbeing events, supported by thriveologie.

thriveologie’s team of wellness experts can deliver a variety of keynotes, masterclasses, workshops and seminars covering a wide spectrum of holistic health, wellbeing and fitness. Every expert is a specialist in their field and comes highly recommended.

A few of our specialists...

Catering for smaller teams or larger numbers, the thriveologie team will work with you to select the right expert for your organisation’s needs. Subjects covered include:

Events Programming Bespoke to your needs

We can create an events plan for your company that will cover all areas of health, fitness and wellness. The programme, which can reflect global health and wellbeing awareness days and initiatives, will help to bring Whole Life Wellbeing into the workplace, encouraging a wellbeing culture to grow and enhance you and your teams’ mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

All programmes are designed to complement any wellbeing strategy or EAP you may already have in place, however, if there are elements that you would like to change or amend, we are happy to work with you to fulfil your needs. We understand Wellbeing but you know your business and your people and finding the best proposition for your needs is our ultimate goal.

Contact for more information and to arrange a further conversation on how we can support your business.