Caroline Richings

Co-Founder, thriveologie

Caroline is a health, fitness and spa industry professional with over 25 years working within the health, fitness and wellness sector. She previously spent three years as a board member of the UK Spa Association and is a founding member of RISE, Females in Fitness Collective, a collaborative driving the development of women in the UK fitness and leisure sector. Caroline brings an extensive knowledge of wellness industry expertise, incorporating health and fitness, wellbeing, relaxation and recovery.

Helen Jaggar

Co-Founder, thriveologie

Helen Jaggar is a former tech headhunter who spent nearly 20 years working with corporates, helping to build teams and develop trusted relationships. Pulled by her lifelong love of health and fitness, Helen retrained as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, later creating her own successful online transformation programme and working as a Corporate Wellbeing Advisor.  Helen brings a wealth of knowledge of working with people. She is passionate about helping others to create a life of wellbeing, that is both achievable and sustainable and enables them to enjoy optimal physical and mental health.