Empower Workplace Wellbeing

The focus on employee wellbeing is growing globally. Evidence shows that by including and promoting a wellness culture, what results is enhanced employee recruitment and retention, lower absenteeism, greater productivity, decreased presenteeism and lower healthcare costs. 

The Facts*

  • Approximately 131 million days are lost to sickness absence.
  • Minor illnesses (such as coughs and colds) accounted for approximately 34.3 million days lost.
  • Musculoskeletal conditions (including back pain, neck and limb problems) cause 28.2 million days lost. 
  • Mental health issues (including stress, depression and anxiety) resulted in 15 million days lost. 
  • The cost of employee mental health issues to the employer is approximately £2.4 billion per year.

*Data from the Office for National Statistics and the Health and Safety Executive.  

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Why thriveologie?

thriveologie provides the corporate sector with a digital health and wellness platform that positions the wellbeing of their employees at the core of their company ethos and vision 

We deliver nutrition, fitness, health & wellness content, education and resources with a focus upon developing and maintaining optimal health.   

All of our content, a combination of written, audio and video, is curated by our team of fitness, health & wellness experts, ranging from dieticians, occupational health practitioners, Olympic athletes, mental health experts, sleep specialists, psychologists, life coaches and many more.  

Our platform, which can be integrated either into your digital layer or accessed directly, delivers on every individual preference and covers the breadth of our wellness pillars: Nutrition, Movement and Exercise, Mental Health, Rest & Recovery and Wellbeing.  

What Do Your Employees Get?

Every user will have a personalised journey which enables them to: 


their physical and mental health.


Wellness Courses and Programmes delivered by our experts. 


a catalogue of Trainer Tips and Mobility Exercise videos.


and improve their Wellness ‘Score’ through activities and education


part of the thriveologie Community Group.


from a vast portfolio of nutritionist created Recipes. 


in regular Health Challenges alone or with their colleagues.


expert delivered Webinars on topical subjects.


in Workouts delivered by:

  • Les Mills
  • Heartcore Pilates 
  • Thrive Life Yoga 

thriveologie works with organisations that provide specialist support resources, especially in mental health, that your employees can access at any time.

We have also created exclusive partnerships with wellness companies that provide complementary products, activities, and experiences, all available at an exclusive thriveologie preferential rate.

These include hormone and gene testing, wellness retail, fitness equipment, spa experiences, wellness retreats and even holidays.  

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thriveologie Events

In addition to thriveologie’s digital offering, we are also able to offer in-person workshops, seminars, masterclasses, and wellness ‘events’delivered by our resident and guest experts. 

With an extensive network of health and wellness suppliers, we also have the ability to introduce additional commercial opportunities such as photo shoots, equipment launches, and health and wellness specialist showcases. 

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